Types Of Rolling Papers

Types Of Rolling Papers

Types of Rolling Papers

A good rolling paper is made from natural materials which improves the quality of the smoking experience. Several types of papers are available to address a smoker's needs. Each kind of rolling paper has its own unique characteristics that appeal to different kinds of smokers. For example, taste, thickness, and burning speed of the paper are various features that come down largely to personal taste.


To help you make a decision when buying your next pack of papers, here is a list of the most common materials and their characteristics.

1. Flavoured Papers

Flavored rolling papers are designed to enhance the natural taste of rolling papers. The fruity flavor can complement the herb wrapped within it and give you more flavor. As a result, you get a smoking experience that is delicious and different than the norm.

What do Flavoured Papers do?

These novelty smoking papers will enhance your smoke with a burst of delicious flavour while also giving you a subtle but sweet taste on the lips



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2. Hemp paper

Hemp is a smokers friend, Hemp rolling papers are made from hemp plants that produce a lot of fiber. After undergoing extensive processing, the hemp pulp is able to be used in hemp rolling papers. Choose from our wide selection of hemp rolling papers, we have a varied selection of hemp papers to choose from.

Why choose Hemp Paper?

The burn rate for hemp rolling papers is medium and they will go out less often than rice or ultra-thin papers. Cigarettes made with hemp papers might take on a delicate aftertaste that won't spoil the aroma of the burning herb.


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3. Ultra thin rice paper

The best rice papers are made from all-natural ingredients, meaning it’s basically just processed and pressed rice. These rolling papers are usually thinner than others. This is a good thing for your lungs, but may require a little more effort when you’re rolling.

This smooth paper might not grip well between your fingers and it’s pretty vulnerable to certain conditions, especially damp air. Rice paper is thin, yet burns slowly. The little material used for a single sheet makes it a good choice for your health and for enjoying your weed without almost any external aftertaste



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Wood pulp rolling papers are the most popular papers, and this has been true for more than a century. They can even be blended with other fibres, and their texture makes them easy to handle.

On average, these papers are thicker than the newer types, even if they are actually available in a few different thicknesses, bleached or unbleached. White wood pulp papers are bleached while brown ones are not


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5.  Bamboo Rolling Paper

 Rizla Bamboo️ is sustainable, tree-free, biodegradable and chemical-free. Rizla, which was the first brand to use rice paper and use ready-gummy edges, has introduced Rizla Bamboo, the world's first rolling paper with the strength and flexibility of bamboo

It is strong, flexible and easy to roll. Because it is made from the abundant bamboo plant, which is classified by conservationists as being of 'least concern', Rizla Bamboo


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