Top 10 whacky products

Top 10 whacky products


Whether it’s smoking tobacco or some of those naturally growing herbs that are found in Himachal Pradesh and definitely not in Mumbai, the experience is different depending on where you smoke, what you smoke and how you smoke. We’ve all come across a range of smoking paraphernalia that always promise to turn up our experience to a 10 but somehow underperforms on that promise. Well we believe that you should gain a bit of insight of what the best smoking paraphernalia looks like.

Out of a plethora of products, it can get a bit irritating to find which item is worthy enough to buy or how long will it last you. Luckily for you we went through 10 smoking paraphernalia products that we feel will satisfy your needs 100%.  

So ladies and gentlemen let’s jump into the top 10 wacky 

  • Puff Daddy’s Herbal Hookah Flavours:
  • (Take a puff of flavourful vibes)

    Welcome to the world of flavours and mellow vibes with Puff Daddy’s range of premium herbal hookah flavours! Choose from double apple, strawberry and cream, mojito splash, watermelon punch and many more flavours. Take a puff in style with Puff Daddy Herbal Hookah Flavours. 

    Slimjim Gold Rolling Paper:

    (Take a hit with that 24k magic)

    Class, style and eliteness all in a single roll? Come sit down and spark Slimjim’s Gold Rolling Papers to make your day whole. Oh yeah did I mention these papers are made of 24 karat gold! 

    Crafted to spark a vibe everyday!  


    Slimjim Skins-Hemp King Size Rolling Papers: 

    (Roll like a king and smoke like a king with Skins Rolling Papers) 

    Coming in at number 3 we have the Slimjim Skins-Hemp King Size Rolling Papers and Tips. Absolutely nailed everything from the packaging to the quality of these papers. If you’re tired of using those cheap ass papers that always seem to give you more ash than aish, definitely pick these puppies up.

    Made from pure organic hemp, when you light this boy up you’ll be having a really nice and slow session as it’s slow burning nature ensures you and your friends have a good time. What you put in is what you smoke, with slimjim skins you don’t have to worry about smoking some paper in the process. We always keep one just in case a spontaneous session ensues. 

    Slushie Hurricones

    (A nice little flavour for a night full of wonder)

    At number 4 is the amazing and my personal favourite Slushie Hurricone from Slimjim. As you can tell, bringing in a bit of flavour always helps in enhancing a smoking session with your mates. This range of flavoured cones from Slimjim provides you with a subtle note with the first rip you take. My personal favourite has to be the banana split flavour. Herbs and bananas do indeed blend well with another, go ahead and add this one to your paraphernalia you definitely won’t regret it. 

     The overall design and packaging also makes it stand out from regular cones. Whip this out at a party and surely you’ll be gaining a lot of new friends.  




  • Slimjim’s Rolling Tray:
  • (A tray that fits the vibe everyday!)

    Coming in the fifth spot is Slimjim’s Rolling Tray.  Made from glass but shatter-resistant, easy to clean and easy to roll on, Slimjim’s Rolling Tray is perfect for you to kick back and roll peacefully. A tray that fits the vibe everyday is what we call Slimjim’s Rolling Tray.

    Clipper Style Lighters: 

    (Spark Em up in style)

    At number 6 we recommend Clipper Lighters. Yes, clipper lighters were made solely for the ones who don’t know how to maintain a zippo but want that flicky flick feeling when they light up their cigarette. Clippers are amazing, they look unique and add a certain amount of class when you light up your cigarette or doob. With one simple flick you get a nice flame that’ll hold up even when you decide to spark up under your ceiling fan. 


    I recommend the Slimjim X Clippers lighters to keep your vibe sparked up. 



    (Stash away your insecurities) 

    At number 7 we have the JPAQ- Case that helps you store your doobs or joints in a secure and compact manner. This case boasts a cool design that portrays your sense of style and taste. Now you won’t have to worry about bends or spillage with JPAQ! Check out our trio version too if you like to keep a light stash. 


     Spaceman Ashtray: 

    (Ash in the cosmos with this ashtray) 

    Floating in at number 8 is the Spaceman Ashtray. Since the title says 10 wacky and awesome smoking paraphernalia products the Spaceman Ashtray had to make it in this list. Made in collaboration with Ashna Arts this bad boy is sure to turn a lot of heads around just by chilling at the table.

    Just look at it man the guy seems so chill just floating away in the cosmos background. Whether you’re ashing your cigarette or doob you’ll always feel a sense of calm when you stare into this astronaut. 



    1. Slimjim Cotton Filters:

    (Roll with the best filters only) 

    At number 9 Slimjim Cotton Filters are here to make your smoking experience super smooth and clear! Choose from a range of 3 cotton filters (slim, long and menthol) that make each hit smooth and mellow just like our vibes. Enjoy a pure experience with Slimjim’s Cotton Filters.



    1. Slimjim’s Gift Boxes: 

    (Solutions packed in a box)

    And lastly at number 10 we have Slimjim’s Gift Boxes collection to present. These boxes contain a wide range of paraphernalia and accessories that are worth your while! From the 420 gift kit to the slushies juice box gift kit check out our other wacky and awesome gift box collection



     Check out more whacky products on Slimjim Skins and keep sparking a vibe!

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