About Us

We at Slimjim, believe in fulfilling every customers wish. We bring to you the best brands from across the world right to your doorstep!
Every order you place, we provide you with the most transcendentally customised package with 100+ niche brands handpicked just for you.
Gift a customised box to your loved ones and check it out with a hand written note.
.Don't like a product? No worries, get it exchanged up-to two weeks post delivery no questions asked.


A young, energetic and sometimes slow team is the brains behind our little online head shop and smoking paraphernalia brand. These are the guys who have been burning that midnight oil to make sure you have a great experience whenever you visit our website. 

Kunaal Kapoor

 Our co founder who dons multiple hats from Purchase, Sale, Accounts, and Cost Cutting. This is the man responsible for taking Slimjim from 1 product to 154 products till date and expanding our reach from South Mumbai to Southern Europe and Canada.  His hobbies range from Fifa, football, snooker and serial stalking. If you ever feel the need to get some insight into how he made all this happen. Hit him up here and beware of your lighter ;)

 (Always chasing the green & gold - at Cannafest - Prague, Czech Republic)

Nikunj Ahuja

The second half of the Slimjim brain and the crankiest person in office all morning. Ensure you meet him only after he has had his morning tea. Powering all our websites, collaborations, events and products this boy has got his eye on the finer things in life. In his freetime he enjoys football, fifa and the occasional golf putt. You can reach out to him here!



- The Crew

 The actual hard work and sweat behind the brand. These are the guys who ensure you get your package in the correct time frame. Vinod, Brijesh & Somnath, the backbone of Slimjim 205 flanked below withthe rest of our ever growing crew!

Want to be a part of the team? We are always looking for fresh talent.

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