Slimjim Saga

        Two college buddies, Nikunj Ahuja and Kunaal Kapoor during their recreational session realized that they were extremely dissatisfied with the conventional plain roach pads and cheap materials that they were made from. After receiving much criticism against the scalability issue and business model, Kapoor and Ahuja went against all odds and decided to take the matter in their own hands, soon they were set off to make what would be later known as India’s first and most loved printed roach pads. With just 10,000 investment, they made artistic, high-quality roach pads that were not only eye-catching and aesthetic but they also did not break the shape during the last puffs. The first popular among their friends and later among youngsters, they soon ran out of stock. This initial success inspired them to venture into slow-burning natural rolling papers which led to the foundation of Slimjim India. Followed by the success of the rolling papers we expanded our inventory into recreational paraphernalia and a first-to-market E-commerce store which trades in products like bongs, Chillums, ashtrays, lighters, grinders, trays, decor, lifestyle products, and more.
        Ten years later, from the football field to the board room; Slimjim is an internationally recognized brand catering countries like Canada, UAE, Srilanka, Malaysia & Germany has grown to be the biggest Indian rolling paper producer and a pioneer in the Indian recreational industry.
Till today Slimjim has catered to ---- happy customers( and counting). We take pride in our premium product range and first to market: Slimjim Gold rolling papers & cones, Hemp made rolling papers, rolls, safety skins, cones & roach pads, and our flavored rolling paper range (Slushies), printed roach pads, and more.
          Our yearly growth in numbers since 2010 has been steady 100% and higher, with a 150% growth rate for 2019-2020. We have been the first in the country to produce and market: hemp made rolling papers, pure natural rolling papers(unbleached), flavored papers (Slushies), Gold&Silver skins.
          At Slimjim we strive to offer the best products not only in function and but also in aesthetics, With our rapid fast operations management, we guarantee a market first 6 hour delivery with an optional on-site self-pickup within Mumbai(IN). We deliver across all states in India with an open-minded replacement policy.