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Slimjim - Hemp Seed Oil (200ML)

Slimjim - Hemp Seed Oil (200ML)

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Give your body its daily dose of nourishment with our cold pressed hemp seed oil. Made with natural ingredients, sourced from the Himalaya's,  our multi purpose cold seed oil is the perfect addition to any food. Not only does it enhance the taste, it has multiple health benefits as well.

Give your skins a balanced source of essential fatty acids, which are free of toxins and have a high level of Anti Oxidants

 Hemp Seed Oil is made from hemp seeds and includes the same 3:1 ratio of Super Omega-6 (SDA) to Super Omega-3 (GLA) as hemp seeds.



- Delays Skins Ageing

- Helps arthritis Pain

- Facial Cleanser

- Prevents Tissue Damage

- Fights Acne

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