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Slimjim - Hemp Seeds Raw Toasted (150g)

Slimjim - Hemp Seeds Raw Toasted (150g)

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Handpicked from the misty valleys of the Himalayas, Cure by Design brings you the best hemp products brought directly from the farmers who cultivate the wonder plant organically.

How to Use:

 To preserve the omega oils and natural goodness, hemp seeds are best used in raw recipes or cooked at low temperatures.

 Hulled hemp seeds are delectably sprinkled over muesli or cereals, porridge, compote or fruit salad, and superfood ‘wake-up’ bowls.

 Pop a tablespoon or two into protein shakes and green or fruit smoothies. Add extra flavor and nutrition to fresh salads and raw foods.

 These Seeds are great with dips; in rice paper rolls and sushi; and in wraps, crepes or burgers.

Net Weight - 150g

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