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A wise man once said "Where there is great love, there are always great wishes !"

This Valentines day , gift your loved ones a special valentines day kit from Slimjim. These include a variety of products for you and your muse to indulge in guaranteeing a great time on a very special day . Limited period only!

Valentines day box includes

1 x Valentines Day Card

1 x Tom hemp's ' The Lubricant' with CBD

1 x Cure By Design - Organic Hemp Balm  

1 x Hempivate Lip Balm  

1 x Piecemaker - Karma (Pipe)

1 x Hemp Socks 

1 x Slimjim Anti-Clock

1 x Slimjim Plastic Grinder 

1 x Slimjim Slushies King Skins rolling papers

1 x Slimjim Spark A Vibe King Skins rolling papers

1 x Elements Pink King Size Slim rolling papers 

1 x Jumbo Pink Rolled Cones 

1 x Kush Herbal - Terpene Infused Cones ( Pink Cookies )

1 x Flamingo + Beach Summer - Sleep eye patch

1 x Slimjim Air Freshner 

1 x Slimjim Carbon Filter Duo ( 6mm ) ( Pack of 10 )

1 x Slimjim Slushies Roach Pad 

1 x Phantom Sweet Cigarettes 


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