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Aashna Art

Spaceman - Ashtray

Spaceman - Ashtray

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Smoking is always seen as something the cool kids do, so why not come up with a cool and trippy way to can/ash those buds? We did exactly that and came up with this awesome and spacious product called the “Spaceman Ashtray”! 

Made in collaboration with Ashna Art from premium grade resin, the story behind the spaceman ashtray is a unique one. Just like you, our spaceman is enjoying the feeling of floating around the cosmos whilst forgetting the troubles and stress of the world! 

Artsy and quite trippy, this ashtray will surely make your mates respect your taste in cool collectibles, and thank you for letting them ash with style!

Easy to clean and amazing to look at in any room. 

Trip up the cosmos with our Spaceman Ashtray today.

Available in two variants: Spaceman and Slimjim Spaceman.

Hand Crafted by - Aashna Art

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