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The Slim Boy

The Slim Boy

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One stop shop for all your session needs in a cute retro Game Boy style box with a lighter holder.

Perfect for gifting!

Slimjim Slim Boy

1 X  Slimjim Brown King Size

1 X Slimjim Ultra Slim Skins

1 X  Slimjim Brown Rolls

1 X Slimjim Doob Tube

 1 X Slimjim Designer Roach Pad

 1 X Slimjim Clipper

Get these individually for Rs 499 or with this limited edition box for Rs 399



Slushies Slim Boy

5 X Slushies King Size (1 in each flavour)

2 X Slimjim Designer Roach Pads

1 X Doob Tube

1 X Slushies Clipper

Get these individually for Rs 800 or with this limited edition box for Rs 499

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